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    Why Bariatric Surgery?

    People who have struggled for many years with the illnesses and discomforts related to severe obesity often give up hope. They know what it is like to persevere time and again with diets and programs that fail to deliver long-term results. Nonetheless, giving up is not an option. Their lives depend on successfully treating obesity and maintaining a healthy weight throughout life. If you are someone for whom non-surgical procedures have failed to provide sustained weight loss, you can be evaluated for, and if appropriate, undergo lifesaving bariatric surgery. In cases of severe obesity, bariatric surgery is the only proven method of achieving long-term weight control. Our multidisciplinary team of bariatric experts will see you through the entire process. We will make certain that you are prepared for surgery, both physically and psychologically, and we will provide the most advanced and current procedures that are right for you. After surgery, we will assist you in committing to the lifestyle changes that will assure optimal success.

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